We've been repairing phones since 1996 Fast Return
We can repair your iPhone. Whether you carry the latest model or you are still attached to to your iPhone3, we can take care of your trusted friend and bring it back to life. If you prefer one of Samsung’s popular smartphones, we have the expertise to repair it as well. We fix all models including the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S lines. Do you have a Sony Xperia? Our technicians can help you with repairs for any model in this diverse line of phones. Let us take care of your Sony and get it back into working condition. HTC is another favorite brand among many smartphone owners. Whether your HTC runs on Android or Windows OS, we can repair the damages and restore it to the high-functioning device you count on. If you are a loyal Blackberry fan, you can also bring your phone to us when it needs attention. We can fix your touch screen phone or traditional keyboard model.

If you own a smartphone, you probably depend on it daily. Your phone brings you the latest news, connects you to important contacts, stores your favorite pictures, and helps you get to appointments on time. You might even even use it to talk to people. We understand that if it gets damaged or stops working correctly, you will need fast smartphone repair service. Our technicians are trained to fix a vast range of smartphone models so that your dependable device can be back in your hands quickly.

No matter what smartphone you carry, our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair the issues you are experiencing. Need repair work now? Bring your phone to any Computer Discount store or use our convenient mail-in service. The choice is yours. We’ll provide you with a detailed quote and make the repairs quickly and afford-ably. There simply is no better choice for smartphone repair than Computer Discount.

Mac Repair and Upgrades

Mac Repair includes all MacBooks, Macbook Air, iMacs, Mac pros and Mac Mini’s

We offer an easy and quick repair service for all Mac products. With our many years of experience in repairs and countless satisfied customers we guarantee hassle free and quality repair services.

  • We fix Water/Liquid Damage
  • We fix Physical Damage
  • We recover Damaged or Crashed hard drives
  • We are experts in all Apple and third party software
  • Call for details and we guarantee you will pay much less than the Apple stores and lowest labor price in town.

Laptop, Desktop & Tablet Services

Around 95% of the computers that come into one of our stores can be fixed with a computer tune up. A tune up can find and fix things like Viruses and Malware infections, slowness, DVD drive issues, wireless issues, random computer shut downs and many more issues that can happen to your computer.

We can work on all types of computer and operating systems. For laptops we can also fix cracked screens, which is a common ailment. As mentioned for desktops we can perform tune ups on laptops as well. Motherboard replacement, DC Jack replacement etc., are common hardware issues that we can assist with.

Bring in your computer today for a worry free review of how we can help you.